Give Yourself The Kitchen Of The Future

Ever since the home expos of the 1950s people have enjoyed checking out the ways we’re modernizing our homes. We’ve come much farther than marveling over microwaves, and now there is a ton of cool new tech for the kitchen. Devices and gadgets are making cooking, cleaning, and storage in the kitchen more convenient than ever. The future is looking pretty fun in the kitchen!


This handy device will help you create and keep track of your grocery list. The magnetized gadget hangs on your fridge and scans barcodes to add items to your list, or you can just talk to it, too. With its companion app the Hiku will help you make sure you always know what you need when you stop at the store. The app saves your shopping list and updates based on what you add to it or check off it, so there’s no guessing whether you have your favorite groceries at home.


This countertop appliance is your own personal robot bartender. Fill the six chambers with your favorite liquors and mixers and place your glass under the dispenser. Using your app you can order up a perfectly mixed drink. Guests at parties can get a variety of cocktails because the Somabar flushes out after each mix, to make sure you get the best flavor every time. The chambers are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, too.

Taylor digital measuring cup

A large measuring cup with a built in digital scale, this is a perfect tool for bakers. Allowing bakers to switch quickly between measuring volume and weight, it is a great solution for precision measurements. It also does quick conversion so users can measure ounces or grams. And with its pour spout it makes getting your measured ingredients into the mixing bowl easy.


If you’re into the cold-pressed juice craze, the folks behind the Juicero will be happy to do all the work for you. The handy device makes glasses of juice using Juicero produce packs. With all the organic ingredients pre-measured and packed without preservatives, all you have to do is put the pack into the Juicero and in a few minutes enjoy healthy cold-pressed juice. The cleanup is as simple as throwing out the used produce pack.

Philips AirFryer

Friend foods are delicious, but packed with fat. The AirFryer promises to make fried foods healthy by using just a tablespoon of oil to make a batch of French fries, among other things. By using hot air the appliance can make anything golden and crispy in minutes. By reducing fat and calories you can enjoy fried treats with a lot less guilt.

Anova Sous Vide

A unique cooking method from France, sous vide cooks food on very low temperatures for a long time to get the perfect finish. Food is vacuum sealed in plastic pouches and immersed in a water bath, which the Anova sous vide keeps circulating at just the right temperature for your ingredients. If you want to try out this popular cooking trend, this device is easy to use and available at reasonable prices.


This is a large and expensive appliance, but for well-to-do coffee lovers it’s the perfect kitchen tool. Built into the kitchen cabinet, all users see on the counter is a sleek dispenser. Using the iPad app you can order any kind of coffee or espresso drink and the TopBrewer does the rest. It grinds beans, brews coffee and steams your milk to perfection in just a few minutes. Users just need to restock the beans and milk. The device also has a self-cleaning system to make sure every cup comes out just right.